"Mr M`s Image"

" The feeling about life and the energy that are expressed by Mr. M`s image."

When I was a child, I kept many small animals like goldfishes, ricebirds, parrots, a guinea pig and cats.

But the lives of such small animals disappear easily. Half of the goldfishes we bought at the fair died suddenly. A lot of parrots and the guinea pig were eaten by neighbor cats. And my two cats were killed afterwards by a car.

When I experienced all those lives fade away I was very sad but it was also a mystery to me. Even now when I recall the feelings of the little ricebird being crushed by a careless step when I was suffering from a cold, my tears start to fall.

What happened to the small life , since the body is still there as it used to be? Life might be so easily lost and then it will never return. What is life? What is the mind? What is the soul?
When I heard the news about the killing I couldn’t understand who could do such a thing.
It is understood that there is a state of hate and various minds. However, the mind in such a state damages the environment and oneself. What is power and why isn't it allowed to use a person's power in such a way?

When I wanted those thoughts to take a concrete shape I took Mr. M (Tsutomu Miyamoto) as a reference.

He is the person who described his detention in Siberia as "It was travel". But this comes not from a troubled mind. Let's listen to this person's story and let’s express it. Maybe a hint for the handling of our mind is hidden in there.

I listened to his story many times. I read Mr. M`s autobiography again and again as a record of his arrest in Siberia.

I was mainly drawing hands to show life when I started to approach Mr. M`s image in 2005. I want to show the universal line that runs from the individual to all people. This link was inspired by classic literature.

I found the book of “Fushikaden” by Zeami at the end of last year. "Makoto-No-Hana (True Flower)" that is from"Fushikaden". It is about a image that fascinates people because it can learn oneself till the end of one’s life. The same miracle appears in connection with Mr. M`s image. In 2006 I'm going to express "Mr. M`s Image", with "Makoto-No-Hana(True Flower)"(Zeami) as a contribution.

(Zeami made up "NOU" with his father's Kanami. "NOU" is stage art of Japanese traditional art.)